A Plymouthian in Brighton

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever travel-related blog post!

I’m so excited to be writing this one because I never thought I’d really be one for doing travel diaries when I initially created this site. I don’t travel a huge amount in all honesty and was a bit unsure as to whether I would enjoy blogging a holiday once I’d gotten home. After nearly three years of blogging, I can only say that I wish I’d have dipped my toes in this water sooner! I’m really sorry if this post seems a bit all over the place but I’m a complete novice when it comes to writing about travel, so any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

So, last month Jack and I went to Brighton for a much needed few days away together and it was honestly wonderful. We’d been before (almost exactly a year ago!) for a wedding and fell in love with the city then and I well and truly underestimated how much more I could fall in love with Brighton during this most recent trip.

In this post, I’m going to give you some inspiration of places to visit, restaurants to try and general things that I think are worth a look if you’re ever in Brighton. All from the viewpoint of a foreigner to the city! I must warn you however, there is a shed load of food-related inspo in this post because over the short space of three days, Jack and I must have eaten and drunk our entire body weight in food, coffee and cocktails. I firmly believe that Brighton is THE place to go if you’re into your food and drink; Jack and I are ultimate foodies so we loved it!

I’m going to try and categorise this post for you, so that you can maybe navigate to things you’re interested in. I can just tell this is going to be a super long one!


Where to Stay

So I did a fair bit of research into the hotels and accommodation available in Brighton, and when I found The Artist Residence I was absolutely sold. Whilst I do believe there are plenty of other really lovely places to stay in the city, this one just had a certain “je ne sais quoi” for us. If you go for the best room in the house (the bigger balcony sea-view) like we did, then make sure you’re getting a good deal with it. We actually found an offer code that took 30% off the price of our stay and included breakfast and cocktails for two! This made staying in that particular room much more plausible.


I really can’t rave about the room we had enough. I think that the pictures speak for themselves really but I’ll go into a little detail for you as well. Though the room is perhaps smaller than ones we’ve stayed in before, the attention to detail and the thought process behind the layout and functionality was superb. I honestly loved the decor and the aesthetics of everything, especially all the textiles. Probably the thing that truly sold it for me was the glorious copper roll top bath tub. Best bath I’ve ever had and I made sure that I took full advantage of it!


In every room throughout this small and friendly hotel, there is a cute little Roberts Radio and we genuinely made use of this whilst we were there! I’ve now popped one on my wish list (friends and family take note!). The bed in our room was huuuge and super comfy. It was also lovely to be able to sit in the armchairs by the floor to ceiling window and watch the world go by. I think you can tell that we most certainly enjoyed our quirky but luxurious room.





A couple of tips if you are seriously contemplating staying here:

– it’s a small place with only 24 rooms so it makes it super friendly but also, as the beginning of this sentence would suggest, small.

– because the building is an old townhouse style, there can be some disturbances at night, particularly if you’re on the lower floors. If you request a room that’s higher up you won’t hear footsteps and things as much.

– every single room is completely different! Some are decorated by local artists which gives each bedroom real character. And some are labelled as “House” rooms which means they follow the same sort of aesthetic as our room but with unique and individual touches.

Food and Drink

Hold onto your hats ladies and gents. This is going to be a biggun.

There are literally hundreds of places to eat and drink in Brighton (over 700 in fact, according to a member of staff in a restaurant we ate at one night). We really were spoilt for choice but ironically, we went to two places twice during our stay because we loved them so much!

The first place I’ll talk about is SIX. I found this place through doing a bit of research and after reading the menu I thought that Jack and I would really enjoy the food here. We certainly did! We had dinner here on our first night. I tried the Calamari for my starter and a Buddha Bowl with Tofu for my main. Both dishes were delicious and I really enjoyed the Buddha bowl because it was full of rice and lots of seasonal veggies, served in a hot stone bowl. Then we had breakfast here on our final day which was just glorious! I went for another “bowl full of stuff” type meal and there was so much in this one. Everything from beans to a poached egg, mushrooms, hash browns- the works! It even came with sourdough toast and avocado- my fave!!! I also tried 42 Juice during our breakfast here which are a partner company that specialise in cold-pressed juices and lots of yummy food for people with specific dietary requirements.


Next up is The Set and The Fix which were both actually part of our hotel! The Set was where we had breakfast and although the menu is quite modest, the food and atmosphere is really nice. This is a great place to try if you fancy something a bit different but not too different. I had Eggs Benedict and Jack had a Pancake Stack with a Fruit Compote and Yoghurt.

The Fix is a cocktail bar also on the ground floor of our hotel and this was really swish. The guy at the bar could literally make any cocktail you want (therefore there were no menus, only a specials board). The atmosphere was perfect for a sophisticated cocktail bar and it is cosy so if you’re heading there at peak times it might be hard to get seated. I had an espresso martini and it was delicious and really well crafted.

Dumdum Donutterie isn’t really a restaurant but more of a place you should definitely give a try if you have a sweet tooth and are particularly fond of Donuts. They do incredible donuts and cronuts here (croissant dough in the style of a donut). They are honestly the best I’ve ever had and are so generous with the filling which is my favourite bit! They make all the donuts fresh for the day and once they’ve sold out, they close the shop! So last time we went to Brighton we were out of luck because by about 3:30pm everything had gone.


For dinner one night we also tried The New Club which was definitely a winner with Jack, and I loved it too. They’re an independent business so no “chain” nonsense (in fact every single place we ate at was independent which is great!). One thing that’s definitely worth mentioning are the cocktails at this place, they were insane. They did a Cherry Cola Bottle one that honestly tasted incredible. Next time I’d like to try breakfast/brunch here because I think the menu is a bit more extensive.

Finally, I’ve definitely saved the best til last. The Redroaster was my absolute favourite and I believe Jack’s too. I knew I wanted to try this place because not only is the food and coffee raved about, the interior design and decor is beautiful. Jack kept on saying “it’s so millennial” and it is, but I just love it. They have a huge marble countertop almost the length of the restaurant and little touches of gold and mint green everywhere. There is also an abundance of plants- fake mind you- but still really aesthetically pleasing. They hang down in baskets and are all over the place.

We firstly had a late lunch here and both of us went for Bao Buns, I had tiger prawns and Jack went for the pulled beef. We honestly must have sounded ridiculous to the people around us because all we could keep saying was how delicious and incredible the food was. I’m sure you’ll be able to see from the pictures how amazing these steamed buns were. The coffee here was also perfect! We really missed a trick by not buying a bag to take home with us.




Then we loved it so much we went back for dinner the next day! This was more of a formal affair and the restaurant actually changes names for the evening to Pike and Pine. Though it was an expensive meal, the food was proper top notch and so enjoyable. We shared some smaller appetisers between us and then for my main I had a Lamb Shank with homemade walnut pesto with a Confit Potato on the side. Our dinner here was a lovely and special way to end the trip. I’m so glad we went back.



This might be a huge surprise to some of you, but we didn’t actually do that much shopping (I know right?!? Who am I??). This section probably won’t be super long but it’s worth popping a few bits in. Firstly, Homesense is a fantastic place if you love homeware but particularly at affordable prices. It’s essentially the homeware version of T.K. Maxx and it’s an interior lovers dream! I picked up a couple of bits like a new plant pot to re-pot my Aloe plant and a cute little tray with a bumble bee on it that I thought would look good in blog posts. It’s a huge shop and I think that once we do have a place of our own, it’ll be really nice to go back here and shop for things like cushions and soft furnishings and maybe a few kitchen bits.

Snoopers Paradise on North Laine is something that you probably shouldn’t gloss over. It’s an antique warehouse that literally has anything and everything for sale, which kind of makes it seem more like a jumble sale. It has a mixture of eclectic and vintage items and then on the other end of the spectrum, you can even purchase a Buzz Lightyear. This place is nuts and well worth a ten minute browse just to experience it. There’s also a great authentic vintage photo booth that Zoella uses a lot, so of course me being the ultimate fan girl, we did a couple of snaps there.


Another place that I can’t wait to re-visit whenever I next go to Brighton is Workshop Living. Although this is a small space with a modest selection of items, everything is so well chosen and very minimalist. It’s a good place for interiors I’d say and they do advertise that they are a “home goods” supplier.

Finally, I really recommend popping into Igigi General Store if you love homeware and handmade crockery. This was definitely my favourite place and I could have spent a fortune! The whole shop is so aesthetically pleasing with a really rustic feel. It’s so hard to describe but if you ever visit or even just have a snoop on their Instagram you’ll see what I mean.


And now we’ve come to the final category! The sight-seeing! If you’ve made it this far into the post then I can’t thank you enough.

So a couple of things I’d definitely recommend making some time for if you find yourself in Brighton:

The British Airways i360 Tower- This is a great way to see the whole of Brighton and Hove and a very different experience I think. It’s best to go on a clear day and if you are extremely bad with heights, then be warned- it is HIGH.



The Pavillion- Brighton’s very own Taj Mahal right in the centre of all the ugly British architecture! This building is so incredible and I always feel a little blown away at just how beautiful it is. It is entirely out of place to be honest, but so special and even if you don’t go inside to look around then you should definitely just have a walk round the grounds and gardens.

The Palace Pier- What is a trip to Brighton without a little mosey down the pier? It probably isn’t one! Not that we actually spent any money when we went; we just took a little stroll and it’s probably Brighton’s most iconic landmark.

A Beach Stroll- Providing the weather is behaving, then I think it’s definitely worth just having a walk along Brighton beach and skimming a few stones!




Hope you enjoyed the longest blog post ever! As I said earlier, this is unchartered territory for me so I apologise if it isn’t as polished as other posts.

I’d appreciate any feedback or thoughts on this post and fingers crossed that you got some inspo on things to do in Brighton!

It has been a little while since I blogged and I was on such a roll with posting every week for a time, but hopefully I can start to be a bit more proactive as I have some things in the pipeline atm!

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read my posts. I appreciate it more than you know!

See you soon readers,

Stephy xxx

A Little Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with any of the places/attractions mentioned and everything spoken about in this post has been entirely paid for with my hard earned money. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that may have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these services. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly (unless I am in the photograph), therefore must be approved by the author for any further or commercial use.

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