Hats and Cats!!


Hello readers!

So, as you will have probably deduced from the title, this post is all about hats. Specifically my favourite winter hats, as well as a certain little cat making an appearance in the photos of said hats!

This was a massively fun post to shoot and even my little cat, Tiggy, wanted a piece of the action! So if you’d like to see her close-ups, stick around till the end to enjoy some adorable cat-induced pleasure!


To further establish the intended content of this post, I shall enlighten you a little more. I absolutely LOVE wearing hats. Granted, sometimes you’ve just got to be brave, whack it on your head and leave without a second thought. But generally, I feel like hat-wearing is becoming a bit of a trend and I’m so happy it is! My dear Mum always says I really suit hats (it’s probably just her maternal instinct to compliment absolutely anything I do/wear, but its so endearing, so thanks Mumma!) this has probably helped my confidence in wearing them a little more. So what’s about to follow are four different hats appropriate for the Winter period and my personal faves!

First up is actually my favourite of the bunch!


I found this grey Fabric Baker Boy hat in Topshop after searching for a good couple of months for one that I loved instead of just liked. I knew that I didn’t want to go for the typical black one that every fashion blogger and YouTuber is currently wearing, so when I saw that Topshop were selling different colours I got very excited! I also really love this particular one because its got a soft top which makes it look a little more flattering and not as structured as some do. Because I have quite a large head, the ones with structure just don’t tend to sit right or look nice on me. I was so happy with this find, its so comfortable to wear and looks good with most of my coats!


Next we have a nude Beret that is also from Topshop.


I love a good beret! I used to wear a white one that I got from a trip to France back when I was fifteen, but then I lost it and it was never seen again. I have been searching particularly for a nude coloured one so that it goes with everything and is generally a much softer colour to pair clothes/coats with. Well Topshop came through once again, having the most excellent selection of colours! I was thrilled when I found this and I was even more pleased because it’s completely plain. Lots of highstreet shops are selling berets embellished with beads, studs, etc. and I just don’t particularly like them to be honest. This is way easier than you think to throw onto your noggin and I personally prefer mine styled to the side, but lots of people do also wear their’s to the back too!



Be right back while I pretend I’m wandering down the Champs-Elysées with a Pain au Chocolat in hand….

Anyway, the next is probably my most worn hat, it is a good old classic Bobble Hat!


You can’t beat one of these, they’re warm, cosy and are the epitome of British Winter-time when the weather is freezing! They’re so easy to throw on and they go with just about anything, hence my most-worn of the bunch. This particular one though, is my favourite for one very specific reason, the bobble! It’s the softest and fluffiest bobble I’ve ever had on one of these hats and you don’t see ones like this very often. Because of the material, it retains its lovely rounded shape really well. I got this one in a shop called Stolen from Susie which can be found in Totnes and four other locations in the South West! They’re a family run boutique which means you can pick up some really unique, good quality pieces. If you ever come across a bobble hat like this, just give it a go! I’ve found one very similar here on ASOS which is actually in the sale right now! So if you really want one, now’s your chance.

Finally, another classic is a Felt Hat, but this one is slightly different to your typical black one.


I got this a couple of years ago in Forever 21. It appealed to me because of a few things, the colour, the shape and the leather band detailing. For me, it was the perfect balance between plain and embellished. I love wearing felt hats with trench coats the most because, for starters, I personally think they go with them really well and secondly, trench coats never have hoods!!! So felt hats basically act like substitute hoods for me and shield my hair from getting soaked. Despite this though, I do wear mine a lot, even the classic black one. I think they dress up an outfit a little more and I feel a sense of security knowing I’ve got my felt hat with me incase the heavens open! This one is no longer sold but I did find a black one on ASOS here if you really like the style. Otherwise, A felt fedora would be a similar alternative and they are widely available in a good selection of colours.


So as promised, here are some shots of Miss Tiggy Winkles as she posed for the camera whilst we were taking these pictures.



Just for your sheer entertainment and to prove I don’t take myself as seriously as you may think, here are some hilarious outtake shots that essentially prove I will never be a model!



I hope you enjoyed this very unexpectedly long post! If you got any inspiration and fancy getting yourself a new hat this Winter, don’t forget to let me know as I love hearing from you all! It’d also be nice to know which is your fave!

Take care lovelies!

Stephy xx

A Little Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. All products/items featured have been purchased with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that may have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these products. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly (unless I am in the photo, in which case they will be taken by Jack) and, as such, must be approved by the author for any further or commercial use.

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