New Beauty for October/November


Hello, me again!

After having a little break last week, I am back at this blogging malarkey and keeping it simple and safe with a little haul on a few new makeup things I’ve been trying out for the past month. I’ve had this post and its relevant images waiting in the wings a little because I had posts that I wanted to publish more than this one. But finally, this little number is taking centre stage and making its debut! A little like the products that are about to follow…

To keep things concise, and in fear that I may waffle during this post, I’m just going to delve straight into the makeup madness.

First up, Fenty Beauty.

I was lucky enough to be in Bristol near the release of Rihanna’s makeup line and so, naturally, I had to get SOMETHING! I must say though, my purchase was reserved and modest because I have recently been limiting myself as far as makeup purchases go. I got one of her Match Stix in Mocha and the little blotting paper contraption. I am so pleasantly surprised at how much I love and have used these products. Despite only trying two things from the brand, I think this is going to progress very rapidly and gain a lot of loyal followers! The exceptional performance of these two products has made me wish I picked up more items and gotten shade matched for the foundation (which has had rave reviews!). But, I can at least let you know what I think of these. The skinstick, for me, is the perfect contour shade! I use it like you would any contouring cream or powder but have never used one quite as good as this. The colour is not only spot on for my personal skin tone, but the blendability of the product is just an absolute dream. It always looks natural and I now contour so much more because of how user-friendly this product is. The blotting paper however is, on first attempt, not quite so user-friendly but once you get the hang of pulling out some of the blotting paper and tearing it off in one confident swipe, you’re away! There are many pros to this over your traditional packet of blotting sheets, mainly the fact that it’s extremely compact, has a mirror AND comes in much sturdier packaging. I’m not an expert in blotting sheets, but I can say that this one does the job pretty well!


Next we have a few random bits; firstly from Tarte, their Rainforest of the Sea foundation.

Now I really wanted to love this product, I literally scoured the Sephoras in Orlando searching for this foundation when I was there last summer. But just my luck, Tarte had underestimated the hype of this launch and therefore couldn’t keep up with such high demands. Then, when I finally got my hands on it from QVC, I was totally and completely disappointed with it. Not only does it look awful on my dry skin, making me look cakey and just generally not flattering for my skin texture, it does not deliver the coverage that Tarte (and many other beauty gurus) claimed that it should. For me that’s a massive issue because, as you will all probably know, I suffer with extremely bad Rosacea and burst capillaries all over my face. I’ve honestly tried multiple application techniques, put it over loads of different skincare products and I just can’t seem to get along with it. I’m still so surprised at how much I dislike this product because it boasts that it is perfect for dry skin and is designed to be a moisturising foundation! In short, it takes far too much time to apply and get it looking nice that, for me, it just isn’t worth it.

On a more positive note, Mac’s Marine-Bright Formula, Softening Lotion Spray is an absolute winner for dry skin! (Even if it is the longest title for a product ever.) I use this as a priming spray before putting on my makeup. I think you can use it over the top but I wouldn’t advise it because the spray mechanism is one of those that literally drenches just a small area of the face. As a result of this, I spray it on and then pat it around to achieve a more even coverage. This is honestly a life saver when your skin is so dry and dehydrated that it feels rough in texture and you just know that the minute you apply makeup you’re gonna look like actual sandpaper. Other than the spray mechanism being pants, I can’t fault this product!

Then we have a lovely Lip Colour from Jouer. This is actually my first ever product from Jouer and I’ve heard some great things about the brand; this product is definitely no exception! This is one of their High Pigmented lip glosses and I have the shade Fifth Avenue. Now, without risking too much controversy, I’m not a huuge lover of this whole “matte lip” trend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to wearing a matte lip and do admittedly own quite a few of them, but to be honest, like the rest of my entire face, my lips are so bloody dry a lot of the time! This just makes matte lip colours exacerbate the issue and makes my lips look cracked and gross. I’ve been eyeing up these lip glosses for a while because the ingredient list, along with the promise of good colour pay-off, sounded like heaven. It really is! The intensity of the colour is perfect but the formula means that I don’t have to worry about my lips looking like someone’s stuck a prune over them! It contains coconut oil and smoothing jojoba seed oil which basically gives you the perfect non-sticky gloss finish. Granted, you’re not going to get great longevity with these, but I actually wore this out to dinner and found that when I went to reapply it, though the gloss had gone, the colour still remained on my lips! I definitely want to purchase a couple more colours of this product because the formula is such a winner for me, it’ll have to be a treat though!

Finally, we have a Kiko Milano’s launch for Autumn/Winter which they are labelling “Fall2.0”- bit odd, but we’ll roll with it Kiko!

I love Kiko as a brand, I think their makeup is such good quality for such reasonable prices! If you love the brand too, or are just a bit interested in it, take a little look at one of the very first posts I published on this blog a few years ago here. Though there were many beautiful items I could have filled my basket with (and subsequently emptied my wallet for) I again remained reserved when I stepped inside Bristol’s very own Kiko store. Who on earth have I become?? Anyway, from their festive-ish range, I got the Baked Bronzer in Warm Melange (the lighter shade of the selection) and a pot of their Magnetic eyeshadow in 01 Over the Taupe. The bronzer is huuge which I actually like because it feels a little more luxurious. A little goes an awful long way with this one though, so have a very light hand! It smells just like chocolate which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love it! Be warned though, the scent is actually quite powerful and I can often still smell this on my cheeks a few hours later. The product’s performance though is faultless and because of its baked integrity, it looks so natural and gives the loveliest glowing finish on the skin. Now the eyeshadow was a bit of a brave purchase for me because its unlike anything I’ve ever owned in the eyeshadow world. I just swatched this on my hand in store and picked it straight up because the effect it gives is actually mesmerising and I knew it’d be perfect for party season! Later I learned that the product inside is loose powder!! My mind was genuinely blown. Somehow it retains this wave-like shape in the pot because of a magnet at the bottom, that is freaking cool! It’s the shimmery-est and most intense little pot of goodness ever! I’d say you definitely need a decent primer underneath and for the best effect, you should pack it on with a flat shadow brush for intensity. You just have to take my word for it with this one and try it!


So that was a roundup of all the lovely new things I’ve been giving a go recently. Hopefully you enjoyed it and got a little bit of inspiration if you’re in the market for some new makeup! Or if you’re like me and just can’t get enough of the stuff!

Don’t forget to let me know if you’ve tried any of these or if I’ve enticed you to try one (or all!) of the products.

Take care,

Steph.B xxx

A Little Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. All products/items featured have been purchased with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that may have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these products. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly and, as such, must be approved by the author for any further or commercial use.

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