Welcome to the UK, Glossier!|Collaboration with Nimra Imran!


Glossier has officially arrived on UK soil and today’s post is an exciting collaboration with my fellow blogger and friend, Nimra!

I realise that many of my readers may not know much about this brand, if anything at all! So hopefully the two posts that are to follow will give you lovelies an idea of the brand’s focus, what they deliver well on and, essentially, the products they sell.

Initially, I was so happy with how the package arrived. It came in the signature pink Glossier zip pouch with its quirky “bubble wrap” feature. Jack actually asked me if I was going to remove said bubble wrap when he saw it! I also got stickers included with my order, a scratch and sniff card and a fragrance sample! It really is all part of the experience of Glossier and shouldn’t be glossed over, sorry I couldn’t resist it!!!



I really didn’t hold back when I made an order because I managed to be savvy and get ten percent off; there were just so many things I felt like I needed. It might be worth noting that Glossier are a brand who really only cater for the drier skin types, because their ethos is all about having that glowing, dewy skin that needs much less makeup.

Now without further ado, lets get into the products I purchased and what I think of them.

Priming Moisuriser Rich– this stuff is honestly what I’ve been searching for since 2015 when my skin really started to change from normal/combination to dry. I struggle constantly with dull-looking skin because it’s often parched, but with this product I no longer will! This is the most delightful cream that isn’t too heavy on the skin but nevertheless does the job in rehydrating and plumping the skin. It smells of lavender, which I love (though I know some people think this is not a good ingredient to include because it can cause breakouts). So far though, I’ve been loving it and it sits beautifully under makeup, making my skin look less flat and really healthy. I use it both morning and night to keep my skin nice and hydrated.

Super Pure Serum– despite the fact that this stuff comes in a 15ml bottle, a dilemma that most people comment on with Glossier’s serums, I think this is just fantastic. I specifically went for “Pure” over the other two serums because my main issue is redness and this one helps to combat that. The formula is unusual for a serum in the fact that it’s quite thin. I don’t find this to be an issue as others have. All I do is put around 4 drops on my fingertips and spread it across my face. If anything, I think the liquidy formula aids the application and means you don’t use too much.

Moisturising Moon Mask– this was another product that I just absolutely couldn’t wait to get my hands on! People rave about this stuff and I can now see why. This mask is so simple, but honestly so effective. The consistency is somewhere in between a gel and a cream. I literally slathered this all over my face and left it on for around an hour or so because my skin really needed it. I know it says to leave it on for only twenty minutes, and I probably would abide by that if my skin wasn’t too dry, but I can’t tell you how much of a difference just one use of this made. I’m so pleased with this purchase and out of all the products on here, this and the Priming Moisturier Rich are the ones I couldn’t be without.

The Balm Dot Com in flavours Coconut and Birthday Cake- this was definitely an indulgent purchase for me because I’m a complete sucker when it comes to quirky lip balms, especially when they claim to smell like birthday cake (this flavour also has tiny sparkles in it!!). I was mostly driven to buy these by Anna Gardner, creator of The Anna Edit blog and YouTube channel. I have to say though, my girl came through and I’m over the moon with these balms. They both smell incredible and deliver a really decent amount of hydration to the lips without feeling too heavy. They don’t really need to be reapplied either because they’re that good! The formula is petroleum based, so if that puts you off then maybe be weary of this. But actually, these balms are so different from any others I’ve tried because they’re not super glossy and more of a matte finish on the lips. This means they’ll be fantastic under lipstick! I was concerned when I saw Caroline Hirons claim that these things were quite simply glorified tubs of Vaseline, but I do think they’re so much more than that and are still multi-purpose so can be used on your cuticles and dry patches etc.

Cloud Paint in Dusk and Beam- these are cream blushers, which are adorably packaged in a paint-tube fashion. Most people claim that these are more of a subtle blush and aren’t too pigmented. I don’t honestly think they’re that subtle and can be built up to quite a full-on blush. Having said that, the formula is so bendable that it’d be very difficult to screw up the application of this stuff. I find it gives a lovely natural flush and my favourite thing about these is that fact that you can mix the shades to create your own unique blush!

My other purchase was the Stretch Concealer, but to find out more about that, head over to Nimra’s post by clicking HERE

Nimra will talk you through the best-selling makeup products from Glossier and I’m so excited to try their highlighter after hearing what she had to say about it!

So get your butt over there now and thanks so much for reading this post! I’m so excited, even still, about Glossier being in the UK. If you fancied treating yourself after reading this, here’s a 10% off link for you to use!! http://bff.glossier.com/gPzps 

Oh and to clear up one debate that has plagued the internet, their name is pronounced Gloss-ee-ay, in case you were wondering! Now you can understand why I chose this title for the post!

See you soon and take care lovelies,

Steph.B xxx


A Little Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. All products/items featured have been purchased with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that may have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these products. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly and, as such, must be approved by the author for any further or commercial use.

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