My First Bullet Journal


‘Ello there!

Today I’m going to be talking you through my bullet journal, which I’ve created to aid me in this coming academic year, where I will most likely need to organise every minute of the day! If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, not to worry as I didn’t have a clue either until about a month ago! Here’s a nifty link to the website of the man who created the concept. So go ahead and watch his video to give you a rough idea of how a bullet journal works.

I purchased the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook to use as my journal because the dotted pages make it so useful to present things nicely. A few other bits I’ve found handy throughout this bullet journal malarkey are Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens, tipex and a ruler. I’d say I’ve used those the most. Washi tape is always good too if you want to spruce the pages up a bit. Also a massive, MASSIVE thumbs up to Pinterest as it gave me so much inspiration for my journal. So if you’re stuck for ideas, whether it be what to include or how to make it look a little pretty, I’d highly recommend having a browse under “bullet journaling”.


So when I initially started to think about creating my journal, I had to consider the things I find most important or the things that I wanted to have more of a control over in my life this year. So I managed to shortlist those ideas down to reading, spending/saving money, fitness and blogging. From there, I created sections dedicated to these things. That way I can keep track of all of them and it will in turn hopefully motivate me to reach goals that I have in these areas.

I’ve taken pictures of each section of my journal so you can see the layout, but the basic rule of thumb is, when you add a section like “books to read” you go back to the first page and log it into your contents/index page with the corresponding page numbers. After you’ve added all your personal sections/areas to focus on, you then go into a monthly log where you can write down all the important things you’ll have to do that month, like tasks, meetings, deadlines etc.


So here is my index in which I’ve logged everything I’ve done in my journal so far. Once I get onto the next month (October) I’ll also add that in under its page number.


I’ve created a key for my journal to help me identify what each thing is, that way I can prioritise certain things and also check off tasks that I’ve completed.



Okay so then we go into my year overview pages for 2016 and 2017. These are so useful to me as I often need to know the date and day of something months in advance so I knew I needed to include something like this towards the beginning for easy access. I got the inspiration to set it out like this from Pinterest and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Next is my future log spanning over six months. This allows me to add events, deadlines and meetings that I know I have coming up. By having them here, I can later transfer them to their corresponding month when I reach it in the journal. It basically makes sure I never forget something that is important.


Now we’re getting in to my personal additions that I will need for this year. My most important one is a reading schedule because I have a heck of a lot to read for my Masters in a very short space of time. So this will help me keep on top of it and motivate me at the same time hopefully. So basically, anything that I need to read will be written on the side of one of these books and when its been read I will colour it in. Simple! Hopefully I’ll have a very colour page by the end of it.


Next is a blog schedule page and I plan to fill it with lots of little notes like this one telling me what I’m posting and when to post it by so that I don’t have the same situation I had in my final year of my degree. I definitely don’t want to leave it months until I do another blog post because I just enjoy blogging so much!


I’ve also included a very very simple fitness/exercise tracker where I basically fill in a little box for every time I go to the gym and how long exactly I’ve worked out for. I really want to try and maintain a pattern with my workouts and on average I go to the gym three times a week. The little pocket I’ve inserted in the centre is for my weight and BMI print outs from the Boots machines so that I can keep it altogether and see my progress.


Finally for my personal goals, I’ve created a spending and saving log because I am definitely guilty of spending too much and not saving enough. This is something I am determined to work on this year because I fear I will never ever be able to afford to move out if I don’t. So I created a table where I will put the date, store, item(s) and the cost of everything I’m spending so that it’ll hopefully restrain me a bit with buying things. Then once I do start putting away some savings, I will colour the jar in as I go and write in what I’ve saved and also include a total of my savings.


We now go into a month by month log where I can write down everything I need to remember and do. At the beginning of each month I’m going to lay it out like this with a nice illustration of the month and also a notes page to the left which is always going to be handy for random things I need to note down.


Then also for each month there will be a breakdown of all the days and their dates on the left hand side. This will allow me to briefly write down anything I know that is important for that particular day of the month and see it all there on one page. I’ve used the right side for any personal things I want to accomplish this month or just more important things that I must remember to attend. I mean I highly doubt I’ll forget to attend my own graduation, but you never know!!! It’s also handy when needing to schedule other things because I know instantly by looking that I am not free on that day. Sorry car, you’re going to have to wait to be repaired because I’m gettin’ ma degree!


Finally, I’ve laid out the days of the month like this. I haven’t made a section for every day because I just haven’t needed to yet as there’s not been much to do. I know that this will be a different case when I go back to Uni though so I’m saving my pages while I can! Here is where the Key that I created comes in really handy because I can see the type of each note and whether I need to take action upon it or simply remember it.

So that was a long’un but I am really pleased with the outcome of my journal and am looking forward to using it a lot when I start my MA. I hope this inspired some of you to create your own and remember that you don’t have to include everything I have, you can tailor it to whatever you require. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions on it either because I’ve probably left out some vital info on it all!

Thanks for reading!


A Little Disclaimer- All products featured have been purchased with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these products. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly and as such must be approved by the author for any further or commercial use.

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