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Hello, me again!

I’ve realised that my posts always seem to be super duper long, so with that in mind, I shall make a real effort to shorten things a little more. Emphasis on the “real effort”.

In this post I’m going to talk about a couple of facial oils that I’m madly in love with right now (and have been for most of this year) from, quite frankly, the goddess of skincare. She is perhaps most infamously known for the steep prices of her products, but I can tell you that what you will lack in wallet, you will gain in a beautiful, flawless complexion. Her products are like nothing I’ve ever tried before and they truly are the epitome of a luxurious skincare product.

Now, Sunday Riley’s array of oils are quite uniquely formed because she extracts them in a different way. The oils she takes from various seeds, such as pomegranate seeds and milk thistle seeds, are all freshly pressed and very importantly, cold pressed. This method is used to extract the oil because it means the finished oil that you buy stays potent for longer. Oils are a strange skincare item as they do spoil and oxidise over time, making them less effective once exposed to air. This does however render the high price tags of her oils and also means that they don’t have a hugely long shelf life because they are formed without preservatives. In fact, Sunday makes sure that her products are manufactured and shipped to various retailers in about one month of being extracted, to ensure each customer is receiving the product as fresh as possible. She loves to boast that your newly purchased oil would have almost certainly have been a seed just one month ago.

Artemis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

So first up is the Artemis Oil which is an increibly brightening and complexion balancing oil. It contains extracts of lemon ironbark and lemon myrtle which both work together to cleanse and purify the skin whilst also being anti-inflammatory. This oil gives your skin a new lease of life, getting rid of the toxins your skin is exposed to whilst re-balancing it at the same time. This one, believe it or not, is good for any skin type. Even those with oily skin can safely use it as Artemis works by stimulating the lymphatic system and circulation, so is great for dry and oily skins alike! I personally really love how this smells but my boyfriend is of another opinion, as whenever I use this he always says “you’ve put that stuff that smells like oregano on again”. Genuinely not kidding. The oil does have a more herbal smell to it because of all the naturally extracted oils. I personally don’t think I smell like the main spice of a bolognaise when I wear it, but each to their own I suppose. Regardless of its smell, it is one hell of a great product and gives me not only a more radiant complexion, but an increibly smooth and more refined skin texture which is great for putting makeup onto. If you do decide to try this one out, I can assure you that you’ll get used to the smell because it just works.

How/when I use it

I will use this oil after cleansing, toning and applying serum (if I’ve chosen to apply serum that night). Always apply it before your moisturiser which should be your last step in your skin care regime. This is to allow the oil to penetrate the skin’s lower layers. I only ever use this oil at night time because it doesn’t sink in quick enough to be able to apply makeup over the top. I’ve heard that some people do use this every morning under their makeup though, so I may try using only this rather than my full routine.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday’s Luna oil is so widely talked about, so unique and so worth the money and hype it has generated. The oil itself is a deep rich ocean blue which is unlike anything else on the market at the moment. This one is more of a treatment than an oil but it is unique in the fact that it is housed in an oil, giving it more benefits really. It contains blue tansy (giving it it’s distinct colour) which addresses the effects of skin damage by helping to repair it with strong anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is therefore increibly good for those with eczema and acne. Another key ingredient is trans-retinol ester, a retinoic derivative. It is important to include a retinoid product in your skin care regime once or twice a week as the chemical potency of it helps fight the appearances of aging and loss of skin elasticity, building collagen as it works. Products that contain retinol are equally as good for those with acne and severe dry, flaking skin as it works to rebuild the surface as well as addressing issues of the lower layers of your skin. Over the counter retinol containing products are currently the BEST anti-aging products on the market right now. I love Luna because it calms my skin down whenever I’m feeling stressed. When I’ve used this the night before, I wake up with skin that’s not so red, plumper, firmer and just generally detoxified. No need to worry about the smell with this one as it has a relaxing aroma of chamomile and is very mild in fragrance.

How/when I use it

As the name would suggest, this is only to be used at night because the retinol ingredient promotes cell growth as your body sleeps and naturally heals. Using it only at night is particularly important because it means the skin will essentially be newer, making it more susceptible to sun damage. When you use this make sure you wear sun protection on your face the next day if you plan on being outside a lot. With this one, I will cleanse and tone and then take four drops, rub them quickly in my hands and pat into the skin. I don’t use any other products when I use this because I want my skin to absorb as much of it as possible.


So there you have it, two incredible facial oils that I will no longer be without in my skincare routine. I’ve owned Artemis since September 2015 and Luna since January 2016 and it’s incredible how long these are lasting. Four drops really is all you need of each so don’t worry about them running out just after you’ve purchased them! I’m hoping to pick up a couple more of Sunday Riley’s bits soon as I have a Space.NK voucher that needs using. Keep your eyes peeled for more on this wonderful brand. I also hope you enjoyed learning a little on the science behind these wonderful products!

Thanks for reading,


A Little Disclaimer- All products featured have been purchased with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned or the links to websites that have been provided. All opinions are entirely my own and honest, I am not being paid to advertise these products. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly.

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