Kiko’s ‘Rebel Romantic’ Collection


Kiko makeup isn’t necessarily a new brand to me. I had heard of it being raved by many beauty bloggers, but have never had the pleasure of owning any products myself, because you either had to be in London to get hold of the stuff, or abroad in a Sephora that stocks the brand (seriously, why don’t we have Sephora’s in England yet!). But I have good news everybody! Kiko Milano Makeup have now given their website a much needed facelift and have introduced shipping to the UK- RESULT! When I last checked their website- which was only a few days ago- they’re also giving free shipping on any orders made- regardless of your basket total at the moment. So if you feel the urge to splurge for Christmas prezzies (or just for yourself of course!) then head on over and take advantage of such a good offer!

When I first basked in the glorious news and the prospect of getting my hands on this brand- I started to go a bit mad like any true devoted makeup junkie would. I had stacks of products in my basket all ready and waiting for me to hit the pay button. However, I managed to discipline myself (which was no mean feat and genuinely took me days to muster the strength) and whittled my first ever purchase down to this beautiful limited edition collection they released for Autumn.

Shall we firstly just take a moment to appreciate the incredible packaging of this collection. IT’S ROSE GOLD. That’s all I really need to say I reckon. I just absolutely love how stunning they’ve made this collection look and I know I’ll never be throwing it away, regardless of whether I’ve used all the product up inside or not. It’s one for the collectable collection I think.

I ended up purchasing two of their Intensely Lavish Lipsticks from the range, a bouncy blush and also a lovely compact mirror which comes in a handy pouch to keep it protected.

I must tell you that these lipsticks are all kinds of wonderful and are a steal at just £6.90 each! I honestly still can’t get over the price. For being such an affordable lippy, Kiko have spared no expense in making their packaging luxurious and they’ve even added in a clever magnet where the lid of the lipstick meets the base. This means that they glide shut wonderfully, much like the new lipsticks that Dior have released. Their formula is the smoothest and butteriest one I’ve ever tried which makes them great for the Winter months when your lips are dry. I got the shades 02- Pretty Mauve, which is a fairly neutral colour on my lips; just a slightly deeper pink than my natural colour. I also got 06- Melodious Wine and I was clearly feeling brave when I slipped that one in my basket as I think it might be the deepest red shade I now own. I thought it would be a great one to wear for Winter and when I put it on to test the shade I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Colour pay off on these is again, absolutely wonderful and true to the shade you see in the bullet. I just can’t rave about these enough and I really think you’ve got to try them for yourself to believe the amazing quality. They’re cheaper than some drugstore lipsticks and can honestly compare to the likes of YSL ‘Rouge Pur Coture’ lipsticks which are twenty-six pounds each! You could get three Kiko one’s for that price and still have some spare change.

The bouncy blush is almost like a cross between a cream blush and a mousse blush. I can’t quite put my finger on its texture but I can confirm that its unusual consistency makes for a beautiful pop of colour on the cheeks! I got the shade 03- Treasure Rose which is quite a deep pink. I was a little surprised at the crazy pigmentation of this blush when I first used it; I slightly resembled a clown before I managed to calm it down. With that in mind, have a light hand when you apply this, because the colour is so strong. That is definitely not a bad thing though, because it means that this little compact will go a long way. I applied this using a real techniques stippling brush and swirled it on the apples of my cheeks very well to make sure it was blended seamlessly. Fingers would work brilliantly though as it responds well to a little heat from the warmth of your hands, just be careful not to pick up too much of the product in one go- build the colour up gradually to save yourself from a clown face! It really does give the healthiest flush of colour to your cheeks and is perfect for Winter as it is a cream based product, thus hydrating.

I’ve not much to say about the mirror, other than it’s a handy little accessory to have in my handbag and my rose gold obsession got the better of me with its purchase. I think it was only about five pounds which is a great price and it would make a wonderful stocking filler.

I did make sure to check for you all that the collection was still available online before doing this blog post, as I got my bits a couple of months ago. With that in mind, I’d order sooner rater than later because I don’t know how much longer it’ll be around. Just go on their website, then under makeup you’ll find on the far right a limited edition section and the ‘Rebel Romantic’ is listed under there. I may even return myself and pick up a few more pieces from the range because I’m so impressed with the price and quality. They genuinely are at the standard of high-end products.

Happy shopping everyone! Thank you for reading.

Steph B.

A Little Disclaimer- All products featured have been purchased  with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and all opinions are entirely my own and honest. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly.

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