Getting Lippy!

Hooray for my first proper post! And what other way would I celebrate it than by showing you a recent lipstick launch.

Do you find that when you put on a heavy lippy, it dries your chappers to no end? (yes i’m going with the word chappers, and I don’t care if it can’t be found in the Oxford dictionary) Well I do, especially with matte lipsticks. I just end up looking unsightly with cracked and flaking lips and consequently, by the end of the night I’ve got an awful bare patch towards the centre because i’ve tried to deal with it- either by using a gloss or lip balm, or just licking them way too much (don’t deny it, we all do it!).


Well, Clarins have just dropped their new ‘Joli Rouge’ lipsticks and let me tell you my friends, our dehydrated lips are no more! They’re being marketed as high pigmented lipsticks but with a beautifully buttery texture, meaning they hydrate your lips whilst you wear them. It say’s on their website that the formula is enriched with mango oil and organic salicornia extract- whatever that is! I can just hear my boyfriend shouting at the screen at how I am a slave to consumerism and always get sucked in by the buzzwords, but in this case their marketing ploy really does work I promise! (To Jack mostly) I’ve even noticed a nice shiny finish when I’ve applied them. Their staying power is equally as impressive considering they are a more moisturising formula and thus the longevity will inevitably be lesser than a matte formula. And I do have to concur that the colour stayed on pretty nicely even after eating and drinking; it lost its shine a bit but that’s to be expected, and if the colour is still there i’m not complaining! I would advise that you line your lips prior to application though because- like with any buttery lipstick formula- its prone to a bit of bleeding due to it being just so darn moisturising!

I got two shades from the range, though I do believe there are twenty-five you can choose from, so no slim pickings here! The red one you can see above (or down below as i’ve modelled it for you) is 742 in the shade “Joli Rouge” and I think this is supposed to be the ‘ring leader’ of the gang (if ever there were a ring leader for lipsticks!). I went for this because, to me, it seemed like a super classy red, unlike anything I currently owned. I think I definitely had the festive season in mind with this one because it just screams christmas on your lips! So if thats the look you’re going for this is a winner.


The second shade on the right is 705 “Soft Berry” and was a lucky little freebie as Clarins were doing their promotional ‘gift with purchase’. Its always handy to hold fire (if you’ve got the will power) and get your high end bits when there’s a promotion on- that way you get a little something extra for your money. It also means you get to try products out. I’m a big sucker for those dinky sized products though- if it’s in miniature, I will want it! I’m pretty pleased I got to try this shade though, because I think it is the epitome of a daytime wearable shade. It looks nice and natural and when it does eventually fade as the day progresses on, you can barely notice that awful bare patch you get with stronger lipsticks. For me, if I know i’ve got a long day ahead with not much time to think about my makeup, these are the types of shades i’ll wear because you can just let them fade and it really doesn’t matter. Here I am modelling this shade for you also, with a nice big grin on my face for no apparent reason; maybe the lipsticks just get me a bit too excited.


So there you go folks! A lovely new product launch that I wanted to share with you and hopefully encourage you to try it out for yourself. I will definitely be purchasing more shades from the range- when i’ve filtered down my lipstick collection a little bit (just a little bit). Be right back… I’m off to see the damage and actually count the copious amounts of lipsticks I own.

Thank you for reading,

Steph B.

A Little Disclaimer- All products featured have been purchased  with my own money or have been gifts from friends and family. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and all opinions are entirely my own and honest. All pictures on this post have been taken by yours truly.

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